At Vivify, we offer mobile IV therapy treatments in select locations throughout Arizona.  All treatments are administered by a registered nurse and our IVs are proven to help alleviate hangovers, boost energy, and promote overall wellness in your body.


  • IV therapy gets you immediate results


  • Physician or Nurse Practitioner evaluation.


  • Our mobile service brings treatment to your home, office or hotel.


  • Available for individuals, groups, and events!

IV Packages

We have four (4) hydration packages that were carefully designed to cater to most systems.

P1 - Liquify


Starting at $99 – The “Liquify” IV is our simplest and most affordable IV.  It contains one (1) liter of Saline or Lactated Ringer and no other additives.  This option is best for those that need to hydrate, fast.
P2 - Immunify IV


Starting at $159 – The “Immunify” IV is Saline / Lactated Ringer with a special blend of vitamins (Vitamin C, B Complex, Zinc).  This IV was created to help boost your immune system, and help fight off infections.
P3 - Beautify


Starting at $169 – Turn back time with this special blend of vitamins and supplements.  The “Beautify” IV was created to help promote skin health, boost energy, and increase metabolism.  Look and feel like your younger self!
P4 - Detoxify IV


Starting at $189 –  Recover from an unforgettable night with a cocktail of electrolytes and medications to bring you back to life.  Recover from various ailments and get instant relief for migraines, nausea, and more.

Ready to make a reservation?

How Our Process Works

Our IV hydration process is simple.  We’ve summarized it for you below in just four simple steps.

1. Book Online

Select the treatment that best serves your needs or symptoms, then book a reservation online through our website. When booking, you’ll be able to include optional add-ons like extra vitamins or saline, for example.

2. Physician Review

Once your reservation is received, there's not much more for you to do. One of our physicians or nurse practitioners will review your reservation as well as your medical history (if required) before dispatching a nurse to your location.

3. Nurse Visit

On your scheduled appointment day and time, a nurse will arrive at your requested location. The nurse will review the process, answer any questions you have, then administer your treatment of choice. All appointments take approx. 45-60 minutes.

4. Start Feeling Better

All that’s left to do now is sit back, relax and enjoy your treatment. You can expect 100% absorption of the vitamins and nutrients you paid for and start feeling the effects much faster than when administering them orally.

IV Hydration Explained


Vivify IV Hydration is the leading on-demand IV service in Arizona. Our service delivers many of the important vitamins and nutrients your body needs to function properly, look, and feel your best.


Intravenous hydration therapy is a treatment that delivers fluid, nutrients, and medication directly into your bloodstream. It is widely known that IV therapy helps treat symptoms like nausea, pain, dehydration, workout exhaustion, jet lag, migraines, and more. IV nutrition also boosts vitamin and mineral levels in your body that support the overall wellness of your body.


IV therapy resets your body to help you look and feel great!


Mode Than Just Fluids

Feel Immediate Results

No Waste - 100% Vitamin Absorption

Flush Toxins from your Body

Boost Your Immune System

Promote Wellness in Your Body


Taking care of nurses, therapists, and medical professionals on the frontlines.

What Customers Are Saying

This Treatment Works

This Treatment Works

I was delighted at how good I felt after getting an IV. This treatment really works!
Professional and Comforting

Professional and Comforting

The staff at Vivify was very professional and comforting throughout the entire process.  I’ll definitely use them again.
I'm a Customer for Life

I'm a Customer for Life

I wish I knew a couple of years ago that a simple treatment could make me feel so much better, so quickly.  I’m a customer for life.

Vivify IV Hydration

Mobile IVs to Your Home, Office or Hotel


Treatments take approximately 45 – 60 minutes and can be administered to individuals and/or groups.  Please contact us in advance for groups of 6 or more.


Hours: By Appointment Only:  8am – Midnight, 7 Days a Week

Based on availability


Phone: (602) 671-6645


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